Area of Expertise


Are you looking for an ease of mind operations. DUBAZON can provide you option of network residential and commercial laundry services through the following application in 3 simple steps:
Schedule pick up and collection time
Our delivery team will come and pick up the laundry
In as little as 10 hours, your clothes will be dropped at your doorstep, fresh and clean

  • Express Delivery

We can pick up and deliver your clothes in 6, 24, or 48 hours depending on your laundry needs

  • Eco Friendly

We combine classic craftsmanship with 100% toxin-free technologies that are innovative, safe, and environmentally-friendly

  • Premium Quality

Our values are deeply rooted in providing professional dry and wet cleaning services using the state of the art machinery and diversified expertise in various fields

  • Personal Customer Care

We build relationships with our customers, connect with them as friends and treat their clothes as though our own. We attentively listen to feedback and cater to our customer’s needs and wants. Above all, we try our best to keep you always smiling

We save you time and money by providing and managing your inventory, and by washing, ironing, folding, and delivering clean linen, towels and uniforms to your establishment on a daily basis. Our team of experts in commercial laundry and linen services can be counted on to know the most effective way YOU want your linen to be handled

DUBAZON’s procurement consultancy service objective is to offer clients management expertise to administer professional sourcing of verified suppliers, trusted and guaranteed qualities. Our consultancy approach to procurement is guide our clients and provide best practice negotiations skills for Residential, Entertainment, Hospitality and Commercial sectors whether they want assistance in:
Operational Supplies & Equipment (OS&E)
Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E)
Turnkey Solutions

Do you require specialist assistance with a new Fitness or Spa project, or seeking to improve the Operation of your existing facility?
DUBAZON network of qualified fitness and spa operators offers a wide range of solutions through several applications whether on revenue sharing, full management agreement or franchise brand management. Manage everything about your fitness & wellness facilities and grow your memberships

The Experiential Concierge DXB ™

Choose DUBAZON experiential concierge services for a luxury lifestyle.

With the IoT and DUBAZON professional staff we enable our members to experience exceptional leisure times for a variety of hand-picked concierge service booking. It is a Hassle free, seamless experience granting a great treatment.

Experiences includes Activities such as Attractions, Tours, Spas, Beach and Pools, Fine Dining, Brunch or an after-party time in the most recognized and trendiest places in Dubai.

DUBAZON provides professional concierge consultancy services to hotels and tourists to enjoy Dubai tourism activities:
Explore the best of a helicopter tour – Discover islands with a private catamaran charter – Take off on a private dune buggy adventure through the desert – Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride at sunrise with breakfast & wildlife safari – Skydive experience all can be in a one stop shop – Auto drome Racing Tack test drive – City Viewing from Burj Khalifa 148 floor – Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

DUBAZON assists clients to optimize revenues of car parking areas by arranging consultancy service to hotels, shopping malls and mixed-use facilities professional Logistics of operating a car park according to international standards and implement solutions to any operational challenges

The EPA estimates indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Even worse, the contaminated air circulates through-out your offices & house every time the heating or cooling system kicks on.
Through our operators we carry out mechanical cleaning of non-porous, air conditioning system components in accordance with the best Home/ Work Place Health and Safety practices in the hygiene sector of Western & Eastern Standards.
Some of the symptoms: high fever, Colds Asthma type symptoms Wheezing Breathlessness Runny Nose
Itchiness Sore Skin

DUBAZON offers professional services to out-source professional housekeepers for residential or commercial projects with specialized skills. Our network covers UAE

The recent outbreak has highlighted the need for good sanitizing practices for a wide range of businesses and public places. Our understanding and experience to recommend the right brand for you whether for commercial or Residential cleaning, we are networked with major Dubai leading cleaning companies to provide you professional cleaning services and trusted by all the major brand across the UAE
Smart Cleaning Guaranteed Result Low Budgets Quality Assured

DUBAZON connects clients with specialized mobile car wash service providers, composed of full pledged professional & fully trained management serving prestige shopping malls, offices, hotels & shopping centers

DUBAZON provides expertise in sustainable waste management consultancy services to all industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, and Property Management sectors.
Residential Communities Waste Management & Recycling Guidelines
Business Waste & Recycling service
Temporary Roll-off Dumpsters

Technology Consulting

DUBAZON provides consulting services to deliver an Integrated Software Solutions & technology for a long-standing time ensuring efficient project logistics management, cost management and revenue growth

DUBAZON information technology consultancy specializes in creating Cloud Laundry management solutions and Cloud Kitchen management solutions which makes better profit margins, quick setup, lower setup cost and optimized delivery.

DUBAZON’s core expertise is the INTERNET OF THINGS -IOT App Development. We build hi-end IoT applications and next-gen IoT products that enhance client’s business expertise.
Equipment Tracking, Sensor development, Integration, smart home solutions, warehouse automation, asset monitoring

Making sure your traffic is converting is the business outcome that really matters. This is where we will dig deep to ensure we truly understand your buyer’s journey.
SEO – Google Ads – Facebook Advertising – CRO – Landing pages – A/B testing – Content marketing – Email marketing – Social media – Marketing automation – Email marketing

DUBAZON offers the latest technologies available into transforming your store digitally, e-commerce has become one of the best trending businesses, securing 24 hours being online, allowing worldwide customers to reach and complete a desired purchase

DUBAZON provides cutting edge applications, intended to run on mobile devices and optimized to take advantage of those products’ unique features and hardware. Solving the issue of performance on any given device ultimately depends on developing an app natively on that device.


DUBAZON Solutions in customer experience consulting offers the latest methods and strategies for creating up-to-date guest experiences to organization in need to enhance service and measure improvements of overall customer experience.
Mystery shopping assessments Performance Trend Dashboard

Our E-store partners DUBAZON STORE currently under construction

Consultancy Services Solutions includes development of:

Online Bill – Payment Solution – Paperless Billing – Automatic Payments – Scheduling Pickup

Core Services

  • Bid Proposal Strategy and Preparation
    • Sourcing Selection Services
      • Meeting with client, agree the sourcing strategy goals and priorities as well as define areas of responsibility for the services required in line with the client’s current strategy to avoid any omissions and obtain approval request of the client & provide sourcing selection services which guarantee efficiency, quality and competitive cost and ensure that the service rendered is according to the best practice
    • Bidding, Introduction & Selection Services
      • Compile a project bid documents using information (Plans, Images, Catalogs, Quantities, Revenues and expenses) provided by the client
      • Respond to all bidder inquires for additional information during the bid tender period within five days of receipt of query
      • The consultant will source, prepare and present to the client several options of each service until a final selection has been approved by the client
  • Contract Negotiations
    • Obtain and evaluate at least three vendor options for project proposal details
    • Negotiate the best prices and terms obtainable for project details
    • Obtain and evaluate bids from companies for the delivery as per specified requirement, resources, schedule and budget
    • Assess bid tenders and make appointment recommendations to the client
    • Prepare Service Provider Agreement or other applicable legal binding agreement for suppliers/companies indicating specifications, prices, delivery, terms & conditions, insurance and guarantee information as well as conformance with the specified project document prepared by both the client and consultant for the best interest of the project efficiency and durability and meets strategic decisions
    • Review all documentation, including guaranties and warranties as well as other related information and instructions submitted by the vendors and service providers
    • Forward these to the client for approval
    • Manage the filing of the project documentation as necessary and on behalf of the client
  • Project Implementation, and other Business Transactions
    • Manage implementation and installation vendors or service providers works and ensure their compliance with the project schedule. Supervise all related function (as relevant) of the services providers so as to prevent and /or minimize conflicts, confusions and delay
    • Inspect all services provided and resolve any defects or below under-delivery in service implementation or installations
    • Report to the client and vendor or service provider any change in project conditions or in the progress of the implementation which may cause a delay in finishing the project on time
    • Expedite schedules to resolve all snagging list items
    • Ensure that the delivery of service in line with the applicable safety, security and hygiene standard operating procedures as set by the client